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Tim Kinniry

Having lived with Cerebral Palsy all of his life, 35 year-old Tim Kinniry knows a little something about odds; specifically, that society would have you believe that they've been stacked against him. Yes, CP has presented Tim with his share of obstacles to overcome. And yes, some days are better than others. But when it comes down to it, Tim insists he's just a regular guy.

"I'm just the Average Joe who goes to work and comes home and watches sports...and, I hope, eventually gets married and has a family," Kinniry says.

"When I was a kid, Mom always said to me, 'When the boys and [your sister] get married, it's going to be just you and me.' I got ticked off at her because it felt like she didn't think I was going to do the stuff everybody else does. But I am."

Years later, it seems as though he's proven his ability to his mom, and even taught her a thing or two about life and determination in the process. "It's hard for a mother to admit after taking care of him for his first 27 years," Donna Kinniry said, "but Tim's made a life for himself. I am so proud of him."

In January of 2010, Tim moved out of the nursing home, where he felt suffocated by the rules and restrictions and where his freedom to make decisions for himself was suppressed. Now, he enjoys his spacious one-bedroom apartment, a unit that was developed by LHDCorp and EB Realty Management Corporation with an eye toward maximum accessibility. These days, you can find Tim laughing and joking with the front desk staff and his neighbors.

You can read the full Daily News article about Tim here.

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