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Liberty Housing Development Corporation is a nonprofit that relies on donors like you to ensure that it can keep doing great work for people with disabilities. Please consider supporting affordable, accessible, integrated housing. Your donation will help to cover the maintenance costs of the units.

There are over 100 people on the waiting list in nursing homes, waiting to be transitioned out, but the biggest barrier LHDCorp faces is that there is not enough affordable housing in Philadelphia. 

The video below explains what the Transition to Freedom Fund and how it supports people who are transitioning out of nursing homes. It features Luis, who transitioned out of a nursing home and into one of LHDCorp's units on 55th and Vine, called the Carol Campbell Community Apartments. While living in a nursing home, Luis couldn't do his most favorite thing: cook. Now, living in an accessible apartment with a functioning kitchen, he is able to cook and share his delicious meals with his neighbors. 

Transition to Freedom Fund Audio Described

Transition to Freedom Fund Audio Described

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